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Research Capabilities

RightBid produces custom research for many of the world's leading consulting, private equity, and financial research firms by collecting data through our proprietary high speed web-crawling system. RightBid has assisted its customers on over 100 projects and has collected data from over 300 websites. RightBid has provided its clients with timely research to support research surveys, identify under-saturated markets, optimize e-commerce pricing, measure brand favorability, and more. RightBid's customers have used its research to enhance their diligence efforts, create strategy roadmaps for newly acquired firms, and support new strategic initiatives.

Sample Work

  • Produced dozens of customer feedback studies on restaurant, hotel, and consumer brand firms for private equity firms investigating acquisitions. These studies have involved collecting tens of thousands of customer reviews from sites like Amazon and Yelp and examining reviews on price, historical ratings trends, and positioning relative to competitors. Click here to see a sample brand study RightBid produced on Wet Brush, a small personal beauty brand and here to see a case study comparing reviews for two cosmetics brands on Sephora.

  • Collected nearly 30,000 GoPro reviews and learned that GoPro's average online review score has declined for 10 consecutive quarters. This research could have provided a red flag to investors ahead of earnings. Click here for our case study.

  • Produced a list of thousands of restaurants with addresses and phone numbers listed on a popular online leads site from a set of over a hundred zip codes and restaurant concepts.

  • Collected over 300,000 online customer reviews on publicly traded restaurant tickers to identify potential price movement ahead of earnings announcements. Click here for a link to our original research note.

  • Assembled a list of 280,000 automotive parts listed on an online retailer for older make/models to assist a private equity firm in analyzing the competitive landscape in studying a potential acquisition
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