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RightBid strives to produce industry leading data mining technology. Our proprietary web-crawling system can download and analyze tens or even hundreds of thousands of webpages per hour. To date, we've applied our web crawler to over 300 different sites including some of the largest online retailers, financial news sites, customer review sites, and more. RightBid can customize what data is collected so that your decision makers have exactly the fields you need. Have a site your business is interested in monitoring? Please contact us to discuss further.


  • Produced scripts to collect price and discount data from a large online retailer given a list of product names to enable an auto parts retailer to monitor its competitive pricing strategy

  • Developed a system to collect, read, and analyze SEC filings, financial statements, and financial news sentiment from EDGAR Online as well as some of the leading financial information sites

  • Created a module to read out apartment and home listing data for given markets/zip codes from Craigslist and other leading real estate data sites

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